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Energy Star™

Save money on your energy costs

Energy StarThe new ENERGY STAR® standard is part of Hugo’s line up of products. All windows and doors must be rated for their airtightness, watertightness, wind load strength, resistance to forced entry, and ease of operation when they are installed in new homes or buildings as part of this program. All ENERGY STAR® products must have a certain rating to meet standards.

At Hugo’s we can walk you through this process. We will show you the difference of a great product versus one that doesn’t meet standards. This ENERGY STAR® window system gives you a much better value and guards against fading of furniture and flooring. In the long run, you will save money on your energy bill, while still maintaining a beautiful look to your home.

Ask our experts to show you the difference and walk you through the different functions of our windows and different ratings. Did you know that Low E Argon windows deflect the bad heat from the sun in the summer, and the good heat back into your room in the winter.  All the while adding r-value to your glass.  There are many benefits to our products, and we would be happy to explain each one of them to you.