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Siding, Soffit, Facia, and Capping



Putting new siding on your home can make your home look brand new. Most homeowners have to paint their siding every few years as it wears very fast with our Canadian weather. With new vinyl siding you can eliminate this task and create a beautiful architectural improvement to your home. If your looking to bring up the curb appeal of your house, siding could very well be the answer. Not only does new siding look great but it helps protect your homes infrastructure against the weather for years on end.  It may also provide an opportunity to add a warm layer of insulation to help keep the heating costs in check!


Soffit and Facia

Soffit and Facia can last for years and can reduce the risk of spending money on other areas of your home. Incorrectly installed soffit and facia can lead to mold, water leaks, and air leaks. Similarly, older homes particularly have wood in place that can rot and deteriorate over the years. Hugo’s can replace all of your old soffit and facia with new vinyl and aluminum products that will last many years and make your home look more up to date.



Capping your existing windows can help seal air tightness and provide a fresh clean look to your current windows. Covering wood with vinyl and aluminum can save you money and time with no virtual upkeep. However it's not always the best approach, so be sure to ask our experts if this is right for you.




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